It’s not what it seems…

I remember walking to my lesson in uni a few weeks ago, and seeing secondary school children walking around university, I remember when I was younger, I used to see going to university as a dream come true, it’s like this whole other universe where your doing what you love, it’s something you think of as far from reality and let’s be honest that’s exactly what it is…because it turns out to be nothing like you expect BUT you can’t go through life without having this whole experience to look back on…

Personally I can speak from experience in my first year at university I lived at home andย absolutelyย hated it, I was so miserable, I felt like I was missing out on life…like everyone was moving forward and I was being left behind…so I did all the necessary paperwork and transferred and now I’m loving life… even though I have a year and a half left I really really don’t want it to end and then have to graduate for life to become boring again:(…

You need to experience the whole uni life, you have too, when you get to 30 you want to be able to say ‘those were the best years of my life, the wildest I have been and where I met so many people, where everything was fun and where I made my future.’

Freshers is literally the best thing ever, it’s just night out after night out it’s hangover after hangover, uni is who’s overdraft is worse than you, it’s staying up till 5 in the morning cos u haven’t done your essay and thought you would be soaring through if you left it till the last minute…word of advice time management is key I still need to get to grips with it, i’m terrible!!

So to be clear…it’s not night in after night in of reading and writing essays and being top students, it’s far from that…it’s normality…everyone is the same, people come from different background different places but when you go through those doors we become unique because our purpose of being there is exactly the same but how you think it is, is far from it…so go to university you can find out for yourself!!

Lifeisfunbeingme X


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