My Birthday Bash

As you can tell I have been going on about my birthday for a while and now that it’s been over and done with you just know that a blog post was going to come up…
so get yourself a hot chocolate, drink, coffee, beer or what ever you want and read on…
I can’t believe I am now 21 I really wish I could repeat it all over again… I had the best time…
I remember on the 29th I was doing my goddamn essay and stayed up till early hours in the morning to finish it as I did not want to be doing it on my 21st,  after midnight I started to see the birthday wishes coming in…
It’s nice to see people who care and I received many birthday wishes.

My Birthday was the most messiest dis-organised day ever I had planned to go for a meal at 7 and get back in time to pre drink with my friends and go clubbing for 10 No that did not happen I did not get back till 12 and didn’t get in the club till 1 but it was the most spontaneous messiest unplanned night ever because at the end my birthday was simply perfect I did everything I wanted to do, I spent it with my family had a meal all together, ate some cake went clubbing in the club that I wanted to go in and got stupidly pissed The End. it was all I wanted to do… the best bit was everyone that I wanted there was there my sister my best friend and that’s all I needed :)and I didn’t spend a penny!  That was just the first day…

The next day I was a tad hungover…just a tad and then later on in the day we prepared for Part 2 me and my friends went out for a pub quiz it was so cute, our name was Role Raversa because my name is Rosa Aversa and we thought it has to be about me, the pub quiz was so hard I had never felt so dumb, the questions were awful I didn’t know any of the answers, it was funny because none of us could answer the current affairs questions and we are all media students, we are a brilliant example of top media students haa! Over all it was fun, it was soo nice.

When I came home I had part 3, all my friends came round mine to pre drink before hand one of my friends had came all the way from London for me and him and his girlfriend bought me a Swarvoski necklace, it was so nice of them, after food and nibbles we then went out again this time we had VIP, Champagne Vodka and a whole VIP to ourselves 🙂 It was such a good night, dancing all night drinking with my friends. Could not have asked for a more perfect couple days and a better birthday!

I am now currently depressed wishing I could re-live every single second all over again, it was just so good indescribable! It was all about me and it made me realise the kind of people that I have around me and the people who care, it’s just so nice to know that they care, and they are there for me and I could not be happier with my life, everything and everyone in it are just so positive:D, I just can’t express enough how grateful I am for the people around me 🙂


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