Cutest Day <3

I Had the cutest day today,

I was woken up by my best friend I love her wake up calls, I will admit sometimes I become the grumpiest person ever if someone wakes me up but when it’s my best friend, she makes me wake up smiling, because I’ll wake up and I’ll have a zillion missed calls, Text messages saying ITALIAN ITALIAN WAKE UP, and Voice mails telling me to get up! They are funny šŸ™‚

We went to YoSushi for lunch and we finally decided to sign up to the website so we could get our 25% discount code because were students. Why we didn’t think of doing this before is beyond us:( we always paid full price and would spend so much!

A little later my sister came and joined us and we went to cinema to watch Flight, what an actor Denzel Washington is I thought this film was ur typical high jacker plane cliche where the plane is going to crash at the end and the main character (being Denzel Washington) saved the day. Oh no, that was not the storyline at all, the storyline was incredible they put that bit in the beginining.

I thought to myself, If all the action was at the beginning what the next 2 hours about, I will admit it’s so good to go watch films that take you away from your usual equiliberiam, dis-equiliberiam, equilebriam.

I enjoy films so much more when they take you away from the expected ending, I think its from studying media that kind of ruins it for you, but then when you see a talented director you appreciate a film so much more and in todays world theres so much of everything it’s hard to spot talent and originality.

As soon as the film finished my best friend called me and we were talking on the phone for quite a while just about life in general. I love it when you have friends like that, because insignificant things become important & I love being able to talk about the most pointless things that I get up too.

However back to this film, It was that good that when I got back I phoned my friend to make sure she got home ok and we were still talking about it haha!

In the end I just got home feeling really happy and adrenaline pumping, I really do love my friends they make me happy literally for such a random day it was one of the best!


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