Write Write Write

Although it’s reading week, university is filled with students, in the library, in the canteen and in the student union, I like to think of it as stress week, seriously?? the university gives us reading weeks are they sane?! let’s be honest those of us that go to university for the social life how many of us go crazy during this week and not do any work at all, I think about 90% of us do and then by the time it’s back to the normal academic timetable we are twice as stressed…
I tend to always start out hopeful and then something happens which distracts me whether it’s a phone call that leads to being on the phone for 2 hours and then I think it’s fine i’ll do it tomorrow even though I had microsoft word open all the books and notes that I needed ready to write, but NO before I know it its the end of the week and i’m getting my bag ready for monday…
so this week I have been a top student I have actually gotten up to go to university for these feedback classes and talk about what I wanted to write or do for the upcoming assignments, I can’t stress how good they are for you! Even though in my last GODDAMN essay I got a 52 I wouldn’t have got it if I didn’t use the education centre so really do take advantages of your teachers, of the resources and the library’s, you only get one chance at university, while you can screw the rest of the experience up such as friends, money, relationships DON’T mess up university because when you finish you will want your degree being a first. Believe me. You’ll want that job being able to do what you love. Work hard and more importantly write!


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