4 Pictures 1 word!

My roommates were all sat on the sofa playing this game and now that I have a smart phone I feel like I can join in the conversations I asked them what they were playing and it’s a game called 4 pictures 1 word, I downloaded this game and within an hour I was on level 40 it’s so addictive, you basically have to guess what the 4 pictures have in common with one word, I however at the moment have reached a road block 😦 I’m stuck on level 58 it’s so hard what does a bunch of road signs a girl squirting out toothpaste on a toothbrush a hammer hitting a rock I think and lots of plugs in an extension lead and the letters are Β LYVHRIKDODEL.Β 

I have no idea what it is, you can even post the puzzles on Facebook, the amount that I have seen on my news feed! This game is at the newest next big thing I think…



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