A whole week with my sister

I just dropped my sister home, as she spent the whole week with me as she had half term, I don’t think I’ve ever watched so many films in a week. It was so cute, spending so much time together, we had film night followed by film night midnight snacks after midnight snacks, we took plenty of stupid photos and put them on Instagram, we did our hair, make-up and scared the crap out of each other with our face masks.

Pancake day was the best the whole disaster of not being able to cook them I love life moments, we had plenty of delicious lunches, pub food, Nando’s you name it yum yum, I think its safe to say I’ve gained like a stone from all this munching this week.

On Valentines we stayed in all day and watched the whole of New Girl don’t think there was any better way to spend it 🙂

We went for our last lunch today :(, afterwards we went for a walk and on the way home we visited the museum, it’s was so cool.

YEP my hopeful week has turned into a disaster, back to lectures next week AHHHHHHHHHH twice as stressed now for these essays :(:(:(


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