I forgot to blog about this but a few days ago, I can’t remember how but I came across this website, It’s Called Fashiolista it helps you save & share your greatest fashion finds from all over the web. With our special Love button, you can save your fashion favorites from nearly every online store in one convenient place. Your personal Fashiolista profile will become the ultimate wish list of items that you love, want, or that just inspire you.

Best of all, you can browse the profiles created by other Fashiolista members. Browsing other people’s fashion finds is a great way to get fresh inspiration. Our members come from all over the world: New York, London, to Rio de Janeiro & Tokyo. Among them are many of the top fashion bloggers and influencers. You are sure to discover stylish new items, stores and designers every day. 

What’s great about this website is that by browsing through fashion I can develop a bit of a passion for it, so many magazine writers would love to have a place in more magazine writing about fashion I know I would and if I constantly view it I can mix and match outfits I can also follow fashion bloggers and just extend my social circle that tiny bit more. 

Fashiolista also offers blogging opportunities 


How can you get the most out of Fashiolista as a blogger?

  1. Make sure to fully update your Fashiolista profile. So insert your Blog, Twitter and Facebook links, and personalize your profile by adding a profile pic, style notes and an about me text.
  2. Upload your latest outfit posts with our special List tool. The list tool is a visual of the items that you are wearing in your outfit posts, translated into a look on Fashiolista. Since you can link the look back to the original blogpost and all the looks are featured on a special looks page, this will drive tremendous traffic to your blog. Read more about the list tool here.
  3. Add your blog to the featured blogger list on Fashiolista, and your blog will be discovered by thousands of other fashion maniacs. here.
  4. Did you already install one of our fab blog widgets?
  5. Of course you have to bookmark our heart-button. That way you are able to add any item from any webshop, while shopping online. Huge advantage: when you are the first to find an item, this will show on the item page which will help you build new followers quickly.
  6. Last but not least, Fashiolista is a big fan of collaborations and events. So stay tuned!  



Do Check out my profile 🙂 http://www.fashiolista.com/style/rosaaversa7/


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