Sometimes I like to scroll through my blog and read over the things I have written, but I do read over posts, I see more and more mistakes as to when I posted it the first time thinking it was perfect. The more I read the more awful they sound and the more I hate my blog, then I think to myself no my blog is good let me read it out loud, you know how teachers always advise you to read things out loud as you can spot mistakes.

I hate it because I read it out loud and I think EW what did I write?!

I hate it because there is always room for improvement, urghh criticising yourself is just the worst, it’s so hard being a perfectionist cos there’s always always space for improvement, I could just have one post on this blog and re write it, re blog it until it was perfect and there were no mistakes.  However it would be never ending cause I could come back to it after a month read it and change the damn post again, I think we should all admit, we live in a world where no ones perfect and in terms of writing, we are all human and we all make mistakes, there are hundreds of rules, hundreds of writing styles and hundreds of ways that you can re-word something OK maybe not a hundred but you get my point.

All writers learn of each other and I think there are so many mistakes in publishing today that we should just learn from it, my motivation is E.L James she wrote a book that was criticised heavily that had hundreds of mistakes but it was read all over the world it was in the top 10 books to read! Ask yourself why?!

I will tell you why, because she wrote a story that everyone would want to read, she wrote things people wish they had and things women want to hear, hence why it was so big.

I think if you have the idea you can do it whether it being written down its wrong or right, but then things are always interpreted there’s always meaning behind things and trust me by studying media I have become some what of an expert, a top writer, someone from Cambridge could read this and say, ‘Ohh this is awful, I’ve spotted 20 mistakes just by scanning it.’ and an amateur such as Stephanie Meyer could say, ‘This girl knows how to write, she knows what she’s talking about.’

I just think I should use this blog as a learning curve so that if a potential employer were to find this they can see the improvements bit by bit in each and every blog post.

The End


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