I Don’t know…

Do you know what I hate?! When we were in school and in Maths we would have to learn stupid problem solving questions like Adam had 20p how many apples can he buy if each apple cost 5p??

let’s be honest who uses Maths knowledge today, I have never used it once for a real life situation. I don’t need to know how to measure the area of a box or get a protractor and see what angle my room is…

what I do need to know is how mortgages work… or loans or when you move into a house how to set up your bills, or what bills you need to pay… without doing everything wrong the first time because your inexperienced and then you have to foot the bill…it’s so strange how today £20 is nothing but 10 years ago when I was 11 it was like you had won the lottery…I would think to myself I can buy this, that and the other now £20 doesn’t even fill up my car…

Adults call us teenagers ignorant and stupid but if we don’t know or haven’t been taught how do you expect us to deal with it?!

The answer will always be I DON’T KNOW!


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