Preparing for the future…

I was messing around with my webcam effects and seen it had a graduation hat, so I tried it, what do you think?! I am shit scared excuse the french. The concept of saying, ‘I’m graduating’ is so exciting, when I think of it, because it’s such an achievement.


I immediately think of my graduation party and how drunk I am going to get?! My priorities are messed up. The most terrifying thought is I’ve grown up my whole life in this bubble, going to school, then college and then university. Us students have the easy life, we have fun, we party and write essays.


there’s a time limit to that like there is with everything. Β What happens when it ends?! When I get a job that will take me my whole life to get to the top? When I have responsibilities to pay bills, my mortgage, look after my kids when I have them, It’s so true what people say, don’t wish your life away make the most of it before you need to live for someone else.

I have been thinking a lot about the future lately, and it’s scary, because you have to get with the programme, there’s no room for mistakes, shyness, confidence issues because you can go to a job interview and mess up and not get the job and the person that was after you will go in, shine and take your spot. That’s what scares me is being on your own two feet, figuring out what your next step is, what you need to do and doing it your self.

Independence is something we will be learning our whole lives, our parents nag us don’t they?! I will admit that I have the best support system around me and I always have a back up, but we need a plan A & most importantly PLAN Β B, seriously I’ve never stuck to PLAN A… have you?!


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