Not what I expected

So I watched Warrior, and it was amazing, this film went against all nuclear families, it was just completely split up… Tom Hardy’s Character was one of those men that have been through so much, they look the strongest on the outside but in the end all of that came crashing down and he remains the 16 year old boy that needed help saving, that needed someone and his family around him.

His dad was an alcoholic, and (Tom Hardy) one of the brothers goes back to him as he needs a trainer for the fight competition as when he was younger he used to fight/wrestle, they kind of re-kindle their relationship, but Tommy still has the front that he doesn’t need him.

However his Brother, has the character of showing the fight in him, showing that he needs to fight for his life to protect his family. He represents those people that would do anything for their family and to keep afloat
By the ending I cried my eyes out because after all those pent up years of rage angry and sorrow between them it all came crashing down…
All I can say if you want to know more click on the trailer and watch the film… let me know what you think if you have already seen it:)

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