The wind is blowing in a different direction…

Talking to the editor who got me into wordpress, I was just thanking her as now I’m constantly writing, tweeting and in general on all social networking websites keeping my virtual life up to date… However we were discussing how my blog experience is going and what I write about and I pointed out to her, that I just love to write…THIS is my passion but I don’t have a passion about something that I constantly want to write about if that makes sense.

She was saying that I need to try and find the ‘Rosaness’ in me. It did make me laugh, but I don’t know how, when I was little I had this idea that journalists were always fashion journalists, I always grew up with the idea that I want to work in a fashion and celebrity magazine like More.

Only problem is, is I have never had that passion for fashion, lately I’m starting to develop one and use fashiolista constantlyΒ , it’s such a good website to help you develop a taste for clothes and accessories and see what other people like. As soon as my student loan comes through I will be investing in some of the items on my feed.

The editor was saying to me all she blogs about is fashionΒ, or there’s some people that just blog about food, Jewellery etc… this list is actually endless… what I could do is maybe keep this one as my online journal and once I have found my ‘Rosaness’ start another blog just blogging about my passion.

What do you guys think?! Should I change this url to a passion of mine such as or keep it for the moment until I know what I want. let me know I appreciate all the advice I can get:)



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