Have you heard of FMylife.com?!

Fmylife.com is a website where people post there own rants on there for others to read but the weird thing is they are funny. It’s a bit like facebook where you can like and underneath you can click you deserved it or I agree your life sucks.

I am feeling like I should post on it right now, this month has been so damn hard, I have bills coming out of me left right and centre:( Have to pay my gas, broadband, electrics and much more I’d rather not list how broke I really am instead I would like to have a rant instead!

Urghh it really is a hard knock life, especially when you have to sort out your own life. Seriously never ever wish your childhood away savour every minute of acting like a complete idiot. I know I have.

Also I think it’s important that I note I feel like the skittles man I ruin everything, everything that I get I manage to mess up, break or destroy for example… every pair of earrings I have possibly owned I have lost one of each so I have a box full of odd earrings so I like to mix and match and wear different earrings all the time, all my friends think I’m weird for doing it, but if I was to describe myself I would not for one instance think to describe myself as normal.

I always always start out hopeful it’s like keeping at a diet for a week and then breaking it, somehow I always mange to lose the spark with everything I do:( I’m shocked that I have kept on at blogging maybe because this is my life passion, it’s something that from deep within I want to do & hopefully this time i’ll never break it, fingers crossed and if you guys enjoy reading what I write then even better cause it will just keep spurring me on to keep doing it!!

Seriously though Today has been such an FMYLIFE.COM day!


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