I’m not ready for a routine…

I’m not ready to go into a routine, I still need to…

– Be a holiday rep

– Go Travelling

– Go to New york

– Go on a girls Holiday

– Get an internship and move in with roommates and live the F.R.I.E.N.D.S lifestyle hmm note to self find a decent respectable coffee shop.

The next two weeks I’m at work placement and I cannot do 9-5 everyday it kills me, each night I go to bed earlier and earlier and by the time it’s wednesday I can’t even stay up to watch Family Guy I’m that tired.

It’s strange I was fine the whole of school but then you get to college and BOOM… your routine is all over the place lessons that start at 2, lessons that finish late, going to bed at 3 in the morning just cause you can and because all teenagers think for the next few years we need to be tired 24/7.

University is even worse, I’m always up till 2/3, doing deadlines, going clubbing during the week and I was thinking I graduate next year:( I really really don’t want to finish to then go into a routine I want to carry on having fun so why not go travelling?! I think it just has to be experienced like I’ve said before do all that you can before life becomes everyday routine where you have a family, kids and don’t have the freedom to be free.


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