Use the force…

Urghh so many decision are going through my head to try and focus down what I can write my blog about, I could have so many blogs I just don’t know how to narrow it down as I’m that type of person that has never had ONE PASSION I could have a blog, one on work experience, one on films and one on my brand new wardrobe, so I decided to subscribe and do just that I now will have 4 blogs,

My blog on my wardrobe is…

My blog on work experience is…

My blog on my passion of films is…


This one ( which is just about me, what I do and whatever I feel like writing about.

Please note that the blogs are very simple at the moment as I only made them yesterday, so today will consist of writing the welcome comment and deciding background picture, layout, font I will be using etc… I have also decided because the internet is a wonderful thing everything else that I post in my other blogs I will post on here and put this blog post was also posted in for example so that you are never missing out on a blog post:)

Happy Reading


Rosa xx


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