Usually on a Sunday in my household my dad likes it to be the whole family around the dinner table eating something of good quality, like fish or a steak but today he asked us what do we want??

I replied with burger and chips, the worst of the worst…why is the worst things in life the most appealing?! The bad boy is the best choice and the nerd is the worst or he’s just ‘I see you like my brother’…into the friends zone you go…

Hmmm… If only life came with a damn manual and I know that sounds super cheesy but it’s true, it’s like everything in life is programmed to make it seem typical and that none of us have any luck in the world, I could sit here and make a list… Well I’ll only do a few

1. You have no money, every shop has loads of clothes you want to buy.

2. You straighten your hair, it rains

3. You go out with no make-up on, you see your crush

4. You go out dressed a mess and you see every possible person under the sun that you know, better yet you see people you haven’t seen for years…life is just that programmed!

5. You tidy your room no one comes round, your friends are due to come round and you excuse yourself with, ‘sorry but a tornado happened in my room’

6. The phrase ‘One time’ is quite popular with this concept…for example you really want to Skype someone and the internet decides to not work, most situations are followed with THE ONE TIME I WANT IT TO WORK URGHHH

It is just TYPICAL!! 


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