Times have changed…

You know how the other day I went out with some of the editors from my work place, I was talking to the picture editor and we were both saying how we have studied photography, she said to me, ‘did you do much of the dark room?’ I said to her that no we didn’t we started off with it but then our teachers were made redundant and put us in to do digital photography.

Photoshop is not as good as developing a film and spending hours in a dark room studio, I used to love it, making a contact sheet, developing the pictures it was so fun. Compared to File> Edit > Increase contrast BORING:/! What’s most annoying is that I even bought the pack of photo paper for the dark room and we never got to use it! šŸ˜¦ The pack is still under my bed collecting dust, in fact there are loads of things under my bed collecting dust, I can’t wait till I can have this spring clean chuck all of the old away and come in with the new! Yay…

She was also explaining to me the concept of how images in today’s magazine works, so what happens is you search for pictures in a picture library and then you buy the license to be able to use that picture and of course reference the photographer… I thought this was so smart because I think with all of today’s technology and camera’s on mobile phones and softwares like Instagram it’s hard to make it as a professional photographer. Especially now that we all feel the need that we need to take a picture of every single stupid thing…Why is that ?!

I was saying you can’t appreciate the memory of a picture of every single thing that you take as opposed to 20 years ago where you would have to pick and choose which moments you wanted to savour and take a picture that would make it last forever….


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