I apologise for…

Hey All,

I apologise in the lack of blog posts in the last week I have a million things saved in my drafts that I need to publish… I tried to have a day to sit down on Saturday to blog all day and this is all I managed to write,’Β as you know during the week I try and blog as much as I can but I just find myself being so busy during the week, that instead I have small bursts of ideas write it in the title and save it to my drafts’ and literally saved that into my drafts:/!

Last night I went out clubbing too and only got up a half hour ago I feel like I should just go back to bed and start over tomorrow, although tomorrow will be productive… day at work experience followed by seeing my best friend:)

I must also admit I haven’t been feeling myself as I had a argument with my other best friend and it’s left us not talking at the moment and I just keep moping around my phone waiting for a text or a phone call to arrive…it’s made me not want to do anything, I hate arguing with my friends, it makes me so upset:( BUT Today I thought I’ve already woken up late I might as well try to make the Β best of what’s left so why not keep myself busy instead of waiting for something that might OR might not happen… AND JUST BLOG!

Hope your enjoying Easter Monday πŸ™‚

Happy Reading




2 thoughts on “I apologise for…

  1. We all have those times of writer’s block. It’s annoying, but it happens to everyone. Anyone who says they haven’t experienced this either a)hasn’t been blogging for long enough b) has to write their blog on a specific topic such as in an academic blog (even then though, there are hurdles and you can feel you’ve run out of stuff to say) or c) They are trying to appear like super humans to the blogging community and pretend they haven’t had one of those days.

    As for bad days- fights with friends- we all have those too. It makes us human. No need to apologize for being human-it’s normal. πŸ™‚ Hope your day goes better though.

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