I’m on the blogging hype…

Lately I’m constantly on the internet whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, blogging or simply internetting, I was reading More and it had an article on ‘Do you need an Internet detox?!’ The answer is YES I DO… I’ll give you an example once my internet connection went and I couldn’t get on the internet and after numerous attempts I burst into tears…because the internet wouldn’t work and I couldn’t get onto Facebook, that is not normal by anyone’s standards, and since I’ve started blogging I feel I’m even worse, I’m addicted to writing about my life 24/7 even though it’s not important and it would be fine to write one blog post per day instead of trying to write about 10 and spend 3 hours doing it… 

You end up losing control of the things around you, things that are important and more importantly the people who are closest to you in your life… 

Below is a picture of the article… 


Below is what you need to do if you too need a Facebook/internet detox 


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