Being English there has always been that contrast with USA & being American, after I finish university I have decided to buy myself an around the world ticket and have to stop off in America to see what the big deal is about?!

Sometimes I do wish I was American like here when we finish College there is no such thing as Spring Break, we had a prom in school but compared to the things you see on MTV and TV in general, ours looked pretty crap if I’m honest.

One of the places I have to go and visit is New York, me and my sister are obsessed with the American accent I think it sounds amazing I have a friend with an American accent and I literally listen to him speak for hours! Also every Sunday here on Channel 5 USA it’s known as C.S.I Sunday, I sit down and watch all of the C.S.I New York ย Episodes, Carmine Giovinazzo has to be my favourite character and also because he’s Italian (I have a small crush shh…)

Also they have so many more national holidays than us likes it’s weird to think on the 4th July all Americans are chilling, celebrating their holiday but on the other side of the world it’s all hands on deck in the UK… everything is normal, schools are open, people are going to work..

I dunno I just find America different and inspiring and think that it’s one of those places that you have to try out for yourself to see if you like the culture, ย experience different types of people and see something new…ย 


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