The word revision

According to Wikipedia, The word ‘Revision’ is defined as:

Revision is the process of revising. More specifically, it may refer to:

Revising really stresses me out, hearing that word gets me all worked up, & I have a test due in a week on research methods which I still haven’t started revising for. I’m the kind of person that goes through every emotion possible when I know I have a test to prepare for:( I thought I would start the process by blogging about it…

Stage Number 1.
‘It’s all under control, I have a week left, i’ll be fine, I can start revising tomorrow, I’m just taking a break from my break right now, I think it’s well deserved in this moment.’

Thanks to today’s technology it’s much easier to keep connected with the academic side of university, such as my group has a Facebook group where we all write our queries, questions on essays and organise nights out! Lately I have not been checking it, I checked it today to find a MILLION notifications all on this 4000 word essay that’s due, I really need to get cracking everyone is using terminology that I don’t even know the meaning of… All I’ve done is written a 500 word introduction on it, and my class mates are discussing their transcripts!! Who the hell am I going to interview?!?! Help I’m starting to get hysterical now….

Stage Number 2.

I can’t do this, I’m not capable AHHHHHHH :(!!! 


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