About Me

So I thought I would talk about myself a bit more…because I realised in my ‘About Me’ it’s just pictures and it doesn’t say a thing about this blog. This blog is my life style, it’s about me, what I do, the things that go through my head being written down so have a read and I hope you enjoy reading what I write & talk about.

I always find that the hardest thing to do, it’s like when I applied to university I had to write a personal statement about myself or when you join a new website and it say’s describe yourself…what do you say…I tend to put a quote or one thing that sums me up as a whole because I think if you want to know who I really am…you’d get to know me:)

Here goes, this is who I am:

I’m Italian

I have 5 sisters 4 of them are Quads!

I’m a writer

I blog

I am hopeless

I’m naive

I am a horrible day dreamer, I do it pretty much 24/7

I’m left handed

I love the sea

I love the colour blue

I love my friends & family

I eat a lot of pasta

I can’t stand velvet material, ughh just writing about it gave me a shiver

I believe in happily ever after

I have brown eyes

I spend way too much time on Facebook

I love watching films

I drive a fiat panda

My dream is to own my own publishing company

I love going to Yo Sushi with my best friend to catch up on life

I’m at university studying Media Communications

The littlest things mean the most to me

It doesn’t take much for me to be happy or smile


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