Negative Marking

You know how I have a test to do I finally sat down, got the courage and decided to figure out where the hell do I start with all this work uni work…

I asked my friends if it’s a multiple question one and they replied ‘Yes’ to be honest I was relieved as tests like these I find easier BUT my other friend said they will be negative marking it…

I had to research what this meant…

Negative marking is where they deduct a point for every wrong answer you get so that it avoids guessing in a multiple question test, I’m 10X more stressed now I have NEVER been a 100%/A* student hence why I do all of this, such as having a blog and work experience because if everything worked with points & grades I would never get anywhere…

Thank God experience is highly valued:)Β 


wish me luck, better yet I need some pixie dust!


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