Tomorrow I’m going back to my student house and I’ve decided I need to stop blogging for the next two weeks, although I may do the occasional blog post if I have a spare 5 minutes. It really is time to focus my priorities, for the past month I have worked non stop saving all my pay checks and putting them towards my holiday for the summer now it’s time to go back to surviving on a Student Loan and budgeting my money, put an end to going out & seeing all my friends!

It’s time to start getting the book worms out, and rocking the messy bun and hoody look! I really need to get stuck into university and get cracking with my assignments, so there will be a major lack in blog posts, I can’t spend too much time on here for the next couple months….

University is getting too important and I need to make it my top priority, so goodbye social life, clubbing, & worst of all seeing my friends:(

Hello to  long nights of studying, making the library my second home, eating on the go and making sure I have plenty of moans about how I can’t do this! 

Talk soon 



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