I’m Back…

I’m back to blogging from tomorrow I’m so excited I have so much to share… it’s strange how when I don’t document what I’ve been doing so much happens looking back over the last 2 months a tonne of stuff has happened I’ve finished university, I’ll be moving back home in a week  and my summer holiday has started. So it’s time to get my notebook draw up a Plan A  & Plan B because let’s face it no one ever sticks to plan A. 

I’m hoping the weather will be horrible and grey so that I can stay in and write all day in my onesie and update you all with everything 🙂

I would like to mention that it’s so nice to see that my followers have not decreased in these last 2 months where I have rarely posted, It means so much to know that people enjoy my blog and even subscribe. At the moment I’m on 58 followers I hope to see this growing and soon get to 100:)

It’s time for bed so I can get up bright and early and… WRITE!

looking forward to blogging see you all tomorrow bloggers 

Rosa X 



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