I’m bored already…

I have been home from university for 2 weeks & I am dying of boredom already, the only thing I look forward to during the week are my programmes because I feel that when you have nothing to do you have all the time in the world to catch up on TV that you have been missing out on.

I don’t know how some people can enjoy being unemployed how can you not want to do something in your life? I love knowing that when I wake up I have a plan for the day, don’t get me wrong I know how to be spontaneous but knowing I have things to do that keep me busy is such a bonus.

1 thing that is really annoying me is that all my friends are posting on Facebook about how there starting to pack for their holidays and posting pictures of how their seasons abroad are going. I am so envious, to be honest I still am in time to do something with my summer as it’s only just started but I really want to focus on my writing so that before I throw myself into an employed world next year after finishing university I can go wild, do my season abroad and get it out of my system so that I can look back and say I did it all.  If I’m honest I can’t wait till september comes so that I have something to do every day! 

Plus I can spend this summer saving up for next, going to the gym, getting as much work experience as possible and blogging. 



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