Education is key…

I think it’s so vital to be educated, to progress into life you need to have an education for example take the job industry, I currently don’t have one apart from my work experience BUT if I was to be a nurse I wouldn’t have a clue with what I am doing because I don’t have the education of what being a nurse entails. 

It’s so important to have the education that school offers you and to take in those skills that it teaches you, when I was at college there were some people in their late 20’s studying to get there life back on track. Don’t get me wrong i’m not judging them, in fact it’s nice to see them fixing their life or getting more of an education than they already have. Although I think that we shouldn’t take for granted the education offered to us in life the first time round we are offered it because when you go back I think it becomes 10X harder than it was originally.  Especially if your life is beginning to start and you have other priorities to put first such as kids. 

Appreciate all the opportunities that life throws at you and don’t take them for granted before it becomes too late. I’m always going on at my younger sisters as they take life as a bit of a joke that it’s always going to be easy because they have 2 older sisters and my parents, but they really need to understand that they need to do things for themselves stand on their own two feet and become independent. At the moment they take life as a bit of a joke, with wanting to quit college already, not wanting to go and staying at home 24/7. I don’t know why they find that so appealing! I hate staying at home, I get so bored! It’s such a buzz to be able to wake up and knowing that I have something to do and that my life will be going somewhere.   I think we all sometimes take life as a joke and test the ability to how far we can push not caring about a damn single thing but I think one of the most stupidest things that we could do is to mess up the opportunity of education! 


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