‘I feel like it’s a Saturday…’

Summer holidays are always the same aren’t they? Day after day of no routine, getting up at whatever time you want, with nothing to do! It’s literally like your standard Saturday for 3 months straight. I’m bored already, when I’m bored like this I do 2 things…

1. I clean, I clean my room, the house & even my car! I love it when it’s clean I actually just sit in there after I’ve cleaned it just because it’s clean haha!

2. I re organise my life, I go through Facebook and delete people who I don’t need on there, I do the same with my phone. I make lists, I once made a list that said to ‘make a list.’ I organise my draws, my computer files, my wardrobe, my jewelry and when I’ve done it all I feel amazing I feel like I can breathe like a load has been lifted from my shoulders but instead it was just faffing around to waste time… really! What a complete waste of time, it ends up being a vicious circle because I will do it again and again and its like that saying, ‘A clean house is a waste of a life’ I could not agree more with this phrase! Cleaning is a damn hassle, we need to go out and live our lives, breathe in the air and experience!!! I know I sound like a bit of a hypocrite but it’s the damn summer we can stay in when it’s winter, because I do not want to be out in the damn cold, the only place you will find me is in my onesie under the covers:)


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