Adrenaline Pumping

Earlier I was in such a rage with my sisters I just had to leave the house and decided to go to the gym, to be honest I am surprised that I have not broken any of the machines because when I get angry, I go hardcore and end up having the best work outs, I burnt 500 calories and now I feel amazing. My Adrenaline is pumping! 

I also use the gym as my thinking place, I had my I-pod in my ear and I was listening to…

This Kiss – Carly Rae Jepsen
(Kissed You) Goodnight – Gloriana

I started thinking… I think I am a dangerous person when I start thinking especially when I have music talking about love in the background, I started to imagine all kinds of scenarios. I started to imagine this summer, my 3rd year of university and if I will finally meet the love of my life this year. I do like the freedom that comes with being single BUT it would be so nice to have someone, ahh I’m such a hopeless romantic.

I feel disgusting time for a nice hot bath along with some pampering as I’m not out till tomorrow! Have a good night:)



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