You Guys Are…

AWESOME!! I didn’t realise how much I was missing out on by not reading other peoples blogs, I’m thinking of making this a monthly thing where I take a day off blogging and just read. As sad as this is to admit, I tend to just go over my blog and shut everyone out as I just read over my posts making sure they are perfect instead of putting myself out there and exploring WordPress. I thought to myself when I started blogging that it was rubbish if I’m honest, and now the content is getting a bit better that my blog isn’t so bad.
By visiting every other persons blog I have noticed their posts get much more recognition than mine, their likes are higher and subscriptions are too…

It got me thinking, that there has to be something wrong with mine, it was fun to explore what others have wrote and to see how they use their experience of blogging and what things people write about. By visiting your blogs it has inspired me to be better, to double think the content of what I am going to write and to stick to the promise of offering you what you expect to read when you click on a link that says lifeisfunbeingme maybe I should re-think the name as I don’t post about my personal life or of what I get up to as much as I should, I also rarely share images with my posts too, I think I need to change that. I called this blog lifeisfunbeingme because I am happy with who I am and I wouldn’t exchange my life with anyone. I love my friends & family and I’m happy with the direction of how my life is going but I think I need to post that and show you. Like one of my followers says, ‘ Here is the secret… The only way to make money online is to live the lifestyle that you’re trying to sell.’ Check out his blog as well, it’s pretty awesome  

That phrase kind of stayed with me and it really made me think, it’s kind of true I need to sell why I like being me and why I wouldn’t change it.  Well you know what they say you learn something new everyday and today has been a opener for me that my blog needs to better…  

So here is the start to a better me, tomorrow I am going out for one of my best friends 21’st Birthday & I will blog that. 

Thanks Guys, keep doing what you are doing your blogs are great!


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