I want to receive a message in a bottle…


When I want to sit down and watch a film, I leave my Facebook open and my phone on loud… PAUSE

Facebook: ON

Phone: ON


Am I really watching a film or am I having the TV on in the background because I feel lonely???
Sometimes it’s frustrating, since when has all this technology become so important that we feel we can’t live without it for a half  hour, if I’m honest I feel a bit anxious when I go on holiday and I know that I won’t have access to the internet and I can’t check my Facebook and keep up to date with the online world. However when I’m then on holiday and I’m at the beach or out with friends eating pizza, it’s total bliss to be without technology to be able to have a break and live life. I feel healthier and more content with myself too. 

Then when I’m back it’s strange cause I always need a day to sort out my online life it’s kind of re-assuring to see a million notifications but at the same time it’s a pain as I need to go through every pointless notification received whether its a message saying hi, a notification of someone re-tweeting me or liking a picture on Facebook.

I feel exactly the same when I have a deadline I feel I’m missing out on life  if I can’t go on Facebook, but then when I do things that do not surround technology I feel better about myself I feel like i’m doing something with my life I feel interesting for once instead of someone messaging me and saying:
‘What you up to?’
‘Not much just on Facebook you?’

What kind of conversation is that? Interacting feels like its slowing decreasing and starting to disappear. Its like the space time compress theory that I have mentioned numerous of times in my digital media essays. For those of you that wouldn’t know what it is…

A theory which explains how the world has become smaller as new relationships with time and space are formed, the world ‘shrinks’ and the time in which communications take place speeds up. This explanation kind of justifies the expression ‘what a small world.’ 

Even people can’t be bothered to talk I think that we should do the opposite because life being experienced is better than viewing it on a screen and instead of looking at where you can go on holiday on Google book it and experience it!

I now turn my phone off when I watch a film because otherwise I wont be able to watch it in peace and quiet, that is why I love going to the cinema and watching films because I get so into it as there’s nothing else distracting me apart from the movie I am watching.

Although I want to state I do spend a large amount of time blogging I still do live my life it’s all about time management and finding that equal balance! For example I’m currently blogging now while I’m covering the phones for my parents company… I could just be sat here on Facebook or doing nothing but I’m using it wisely to talk to you guys instead as I would have been sat here anyway.

This is a prime example so my battery ran out in the middle of the night and I’m yet to still turn it  on… let’s see how many messages i have missed out on by having my phone off for 12 hours.

Numerous of notifications and reminders of which I now need to go through and to be honest are most likely pointless… & I’m not even popular if I’m honest… when I was younger my phone would be never going off now I need to disconnect everything to stop it from going off!

I want a message that was meant to be received now sent in a bottle or even in a letter so that I receive it late… I think with the internet growing we can sometimes forget the joys of life’s simplest things.


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