I’m super excited…

I’m so driven this summer to actually want to achieve something… whether it’s running a successful blog or changing my lifestyle to a better one by being more active and healthy. Starting this portfolio has pushed me to spend every day wisely by writing and blogging, although it is very time consuming but once it’s done i’ll be able to use it again and again… 

I have been looking through the More Magazine issues that I had but unfortunately its issues have stopped, I am quite gutted as it was one of my favourite magazines to read but all is good as I have at least half a years worth…

I’m super excited to share that  some of the mags have articles that are packed with tips that I feel I should and can share with you guys…


As I have work Wednesday till Friday I will not be blogging these tips till the weekend as on Monday I was updating my fashion blog as its a must and has virtually has nothing on there, although all the posts I wrote are drafts I will let you know when it’s ready to view I’m trying to think up a post strategy hmmm… 

 Tuesday (Today) I’m hoping to be posting on my film blog but I’m really not in the mood to write a review
Wednesday – Friday there will be blog posts on placement
Saturday will be the only day where I can get a bit of my portfolio done and update you guys with how its going…

Also I have decided to perhaps make a weekly time table for what I post and take Sunday off from blogging as I have a life too, I cant promise that I will stick to my timetable as sometimes life happens, experiences happens and as you have seen I like to live life because its fun being me. 

See you soon. 


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