Also posted in…

Hey Guys,

I am not sure if I have clarified the whole… 
‘Also posted in…’ at the bottom of some blog posts :/ 
I’ll explain it now to clarify any confusion:) When I first started this blog, I just wrote about random facts and it was called, then when I went to my placement one of the editors said you need to find the Rosaness in you as I explained in this blog post, I decided that I needed to sit down and decide what my passions are and what I really enjoy… in the thought process I concluded the following 4 things
1. I want to get into fashion
2. I love watching films and going to the cinema, not for the popcorn!
3. I love my work placement
4. I love writing about things I think of and my life


Why not do all 4?!

As what I do so that people who follow this blog don’t miss out on anything else I write I have made separate pages for each. If you want to follow any of the other blogs you have the option below…


you can just read it here as well as reading about everything else I post in regards to my life, my inspirations and things I want to share with you all. 


P.S Do visit my other blogs if you want too… 


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