Please Note Changes…


in the past 12hours I have been updating this blog…

Changes to note are that I have deleted the categories:

– Other Blogs

– Fashion

– Films & TV (Majority of Posts)

– Work Experience

Have added 3 more PAGES to this blog. 

I wanted to follow the advice of a blogger that I follow to improve my blog that tiny bit more…

He has tonnes of people following him which leaves me to think that he knows what he’s discussing, his advice was,

Tip (2) = Pick a lane and stick to it! You only see crazy drivers all over the roads so why do it with your blog!?!? Just stick to what you know and DON’T CHANGE IT! If you just want to blog random things about your life then do it because loads of people including myself love to read them. But in the same week don’t start talking about how to make money using twitter or some junk like that. One road + one path = One Goal!

I personally think that I was doing the opposite and have decided that this blog needs a focus and it now will have one!…

Don’t panic:
 if you liked those posts they have not disappeared I have made a page and copied and pasted the content. As I explained before this blog had 4 blogs into 1 so what I have done is created a page for each so that if you wanted to read about what else I write you have the Option to and it’s not forced upon you by receiving a notification on everything I post all mixed into one. 

Don’t forget to check out the pages regularly for updates and subscribe to my other blogs if you want too, all links and info are in the PAGES, the choice is now up to you… 

Now that everything is up to date I can get on with building my portfolio, writing and starting this summer… yayyyy

Does the above make sense?

Are there any questions?


Now let’s get back to why life is fun being me…



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