Saturday Night out…

I can only share the reminiscing of the weekend as I didn’t have time to share and write before we went out, for the simplest reason that when us girls need to get ready to go out, we are a nightmare I agree with boys we are…
we both know that we couldn’t live without each other…

We end up always always running late on our nights out, there’s the one who misses the bus, the one who doesn’t know what to wear, the one who doesn’t know how to do their make up, the one that wastes time getting ready unfortunately that’s me:( and the one who needs to be reassured that she looks good before we can make it out the door and start the night… 

One of my downfalls is creating memories that I can share with others, apart from the ones made with the people I’m out with. I’m always so bad at remembering to show the process of what I get up to although it would be good to be able to start capturing some memories. One of my favourite things in the world is that I love going out and having fun that my priority doesn’t become, ‘Quick, let me get my camera so I can capture this!’ It becomes ‘Quick let me live this moment to the fullest and have fun!’ One of the things I hate doing is going to the toilet with your friend so they can fix their make-up or hair whilst your favourite song is playing… I hate that! 

I must remember to take a picture before and after a night out so that I can show you the comparison of what I look like and then maybe I too should and might embrace fixing my face during the night, I just can’t help it I’m that kind of girl that will always always be dancing like an idiot on the dance floor… 

However this is why I love writing because I can create the passion and memory right here right now at the expense of my finger tapping on the keyboard creating words to explain a story that 1 picture would have contained 1000 words in…

I am proud to say I did take one picture in the toilets with my sister, when I’m there waiting for someone and they decide to take their time and I’m brought down to a reality of now and here I will think PICTURE TIME, bit of a drunken mess, I’ll let you guys enjoy and guess the story…

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 12.54.49

I did not enjoy babysitting her on the way home…



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