If your a negative I’ll use you as a positive!!!

Growing up, you begin to realise what life is about and the more you grow the more you learn, especially when it comes to being around people. In this world there are all sorts of people evil, good, vicious, two faced etc etc In the past few years, I’ve lost people close to me that I considered best friends, people who I thought a stupid petty argument would never break us up… but unfortunately these things happen. I’ve met people who I’ve considered really good friends but all they did was bite at me at every little occasion putting me down little by little…

 It’s gets to a point where you think ENOUGH I don’t need this, I am a good person I am better than this! So people who are negative in my life, I will get rid of! I try to only ever surround myself by good and positive people because when you have that in your life you have nothing better than the joy of being able to enjoy life, to be always happy, to be always smiling and spurring each other on to do better…that is what I love about every friendship I have!! 

I am not trying to say for a single instance that I am amazing and everyone should be friends with me I just wanted to post my thoughts on this and how people who are negative and try to put me down irritate the hell out of me. To be honest, I think  it’s because people try to bring you down to their level if your succeeding, nowadays it feels like no one is happy for anyone anymore. It’s like ‘I should have that not her!’ Its the green envy that people cannot control, I just want to share with you guys that I think there is nothing worse than sitting down listening to negativity and feeling sorry for yourself! The world is an amazing place, so explore it, you just have to go through deciding who should be in your life or not!!!

Don’t get me wrong I do have bad days sometimes but we all do and the beauty of having just positiveness in your life is that personally I have great friends and family like I’ve said before, who I love to pieces and are a great support system. If I’m ever feeling down all I need to do is ring one of them and they’ll bring me back to me 🙂

I am a positive person, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have a blog called life is fun being me and wanting to share it all with you guys! So try to put me down and see how I’ll use you to be proven a positive in my life and how trying to put me down will not only fail but I will prove you wrong!

Don’t ever take crap from anyone and always do what you want to do, people are always going to talk and have an opinion regardless it’s like what I wrote in one of my posts when trying to achieve your life dream… ‘Don’t get me wrong it will be hard to achieve the one thing that you really want in life, people will not encourage you and not support you but I see that as an excuse to use in your power… use that against them to prove them wrong in every way and show that you can do it without the support of no one. I did just that when that career advisor said to me your not going to get into university because you have done nothing extra to get there…now I’m going into my 3rd year and have also starting to think about what to write for my dissertation’ 

Time to get ready for a meal with friends… yay food 🙂
Enjoy your evening I know I will


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