This bit here is hope…


When I feel sad and sometimes things get a bit too much for me, I like to go for a walk put my headphones in and forget about everyone for an hour or two and just think…

Somehow I always end up going to a park and sit on the swings feeling like a child again, and when I look up I always look at the sky and it’s like the picture above, it just symbolises hope to me and when I’m on the swings going higher and higher everytime I get closer to it…

I think it’s partially one of the reasons why I love the colour blue, it’s my favourite. It’s like for those of you that have watched The Great Gatsby, his hope was the flashing green light whereas mine is the blue sky.Ā 



One thought on “This bit here is hope…

  1. I do the same.. the swings, gardens remind me that there is still a kid in me.. one other thing that you may love is staring into the sky, seeing the different shaped clouds like a rooster or a dragon!!! Its always fun

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