I wouldn’t read this either…

With the promise of posting 1 post everyday if i’m busy if not more… I have been over stressing because I didn’t have a clue what to write for today’s daily post, I could have described my day but I probably would have found a way to have just gone on and on for 500 words of how sunny it was and how I spent all day in the garden and how finally we know the English summer is here ! I then had inspiration hit me to write about me not knowing what to write but then I was thinking Zzzzz… How boring a post on writing about writing, no I need something more interesting, something that you want to be reading, something that keeps you scrolling down and something that has the best part of what I do at the start instead of at the ending!

To be honest I’m just regular girl who enjoys her life, who enjoys writing and combined the two in a blog I probably wouldn’t even find myself interesting its kind of like I’ve kept or am keeping an online Β diary of my life of what I’m up to and on what day I thought what. I think that I don’t have that wow factor, to myself I get up and go about my day but the description I put into my writing gives the impression that I’m doing more that the originality of what I’m doing… does that make sense? You know the perfect way to explain it is using the expression, ‘Nothing is ever what it seems’

The likes of this comment will show that I am just a regular person trying to make it as a writer just like thousands of others, where some will find me interesting and some wont, I don’t have that celebrity status of knowing that I will be getting 1000 likes per post, 1 or 2 is what I know I should expect…



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