I’m so proud of my sister…

I cannot believe that this post has been in my drafts for the past 3 weeks it’s definitely time to finish it and post it. I don’t think I have really spoken much about my sisters, they are actually my world! They drive me crazy, hell we drive each other crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way, we are super close. They are my best friends and sometimes we go out just together we don’t even need friends 24/7, I’ve never actually got those people that despise their siblings it’s like their your own blood who you’ve grown up with your entire life. 

Anyway the other day I went to my sisters college for her art show and I’ve never been so proud. I envy her so much I wish I had her talent, she’s always been amazing at ART in fact in every single damn academic subject that there is she has always gotten an A whereas I have always just about managed life with C’s. I love how me and her are both creative me with writing and media and her with art, we always tease each other how their not real careers, she says to me’At least I work hard to get somewhere unlike you watching TV all your life’ and i answer back with ‘well you think that by drawing a picture your an artist’ haha. The great thing about me and my sisters is that we are never jealous of each other as we have our own life journeys and there all going great in fact we help and support each other all the time!!

Below is my sister and her art creation inspired by the style Shabby Chic, I have to add see the white chair she spent like 4 days painting it to then scratch it off?!?!?! That is the style old turned into modern… 


Hope you like it.




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