Men’s Magazines???

Ok so yesterday I must have spent like 7 hours blogging on my work experience blog!  ( please do visit and follow if it interests you.) So I thought to have a rest from technology today but seeing that I’m going to pick up my sister from town later on, instead of watching a film to keep me up why not use the time to blog. This way I can get  a lot of writing done and a lot of posts turned from drafts into published ones and the best part that everyone is sleeping so no one will disturb my night time inspiration! Yay…

Whilst blogging about More magazine it got me thinking the only audience it was aimed at was women… where are the men’s mags, like the glossy one’s us women read? I’m aware that Men’s health exist and the typical Lad mags of Nuts & zoo.

As if men don’t want to know what were thinking or what kind of top suits their body shape and dilemma’s they have answered by Guru’s I have a few best boy mates and they give me the impression of being just as insecure as me…

hmm maybe I just found my something…



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