My summer decision… Dissertation

Apparently it’s said that when at university your dissertation is supposed to be one of the hardest decisions that you ever make, well so far! Seeing as it’s the summer holidays and I have so much free time at my disposal I thought of  trying to get a head start… 

I’m thinking of doing it on something that really interests me such as how social networks can expand your connections or look into Twitter a bit more as I did serveral essays on social networking. At my placement all the editors have told me that they wished they did it on something that they found interesting after all I am writing 10,000 words on this. One thing that is really troubling me is that a teacher once said to me that when you write your dissertation it’s helpful to write it in the direction/area of what you hope to go into… 

As usual me being me I’m torn between 2, as going into marketing of social media really interests me kind of like the film ‘Internship’ but so does Magazine publishing again kind of like ‘The Devil Wear Prada’…. 


At the moment I have come up with one title, let me know what you guys think because I asked my mum as you do but she’s not into media and I said to her I have to write 10,000 words on this what do you think? She replied with, ‘Sounds a bit boring, Rosa.’

My Provisional title… 

 ‘To what extent does the concept of key words help refine an online search’





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