The concept of life, memories & time…

Going through my Facebook news feed you always see these stupid pictures that make you dream for a reality that isn’t real… some even upset me because I tend to forget the power that a quote or phrase can have on you.

The ones that upset me the most are ones like these… 


Untitled 1


There was a girl that I was really good friends with, we wouldn’t go a day without hearing from each other I thought to myself finally after never having a group of people that liked me for me, I finally have a friend who I can say yep that’s my best friend… 

It’s crazy to think a stupid petty argument could break us up and leave us never to be friends again. What’s worse is that we have a mutual friend in common who invited us both to her birthday meal, I was absolutely dreading it if I’m honest as I didn’t want to see her and I didn’t know what to do, do I say, ‘Hi’ do I not?? What made it worse was that we were both as stubborn as each other and completely ignored each other. 

When I left, I couldn’t believe someone I was once so close with who I considered a friend and who was once part of my life was now a stranger to me someone that will walk past me on the street just like the rest of the world does. Now it’s been a year and a half and it’s summer and what’s left are all those memories to reminisce on once again…

but all you can do is… 



Lifeisfunbeingme X



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