Checking in…

Hey Guys,

Hope your all ok, enjoying your summer and enjoy reading my blog, I hope I’m not boring…YET!

So couple of things, I know I haven’t written in like 4 days, this for me is atrocious it’s like I now eat, sleep and dream BLOGGING! It’s because I fallen in with love  with writing all over again this summer and I can’t seem to go a day without it or get enough of it!  Although we all know sometimes life gets in the way this explains my absences in writing posts:( What’s nice to know is I have you guys following me, so I know I need to keep you guys updated and obviously give you something to read as opposed to me imagining their is some sort of audience out there… a massive thanks to you all for enabling me to do this. However I am also aware of my health and to not become a hermit by sitting down in front of the computer 24/7 so I try to get a regular balance of air, socialising and detoxing from technology! 

If you check out my work experience blog or click on the work experience blog page, you will be able to view what I did at work today as I wrote my daily diary entry… 


I have always found people who talk to a webcam and then upload a video to have guts because there are all sorts of people out there who review things but I think people are going to always have an opinion no matter what. So I embraced it and I uploaded my first Keek do follow me if you use it at  and I shall follow you back!! Do excuse my accent its bad in real life let alone recorded… one of the things I hate at university is having an assignment where you have to interview someone and having to play back my voice… ugh!! However there is always a solution to a problem, elocution lessons! Although a bit extreme as I think I will probably stick to creating my imagination through words.  I might try to see if I can put a Keek widget so you have the option to view my Keek videos  if you want to. 

Tomorrow I’m going to Liverpool with my sisters, I’m so excited because that means one thing and one thing only a massive ROADTRIP!!! Yayy… 

Have a good day and I’ll probably post again on Thursday

see you then…

lot’s of love



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