If we all followed Stephanie Meyer…

In my opinion the writing world is too fierce. We get slaughtered by writing critics and I think all of us know how to be critics, it’s basically giving your opinion of what you like, liked or didn’t like. Such as some may stumble onto this blog & love what I write that they will follow me, some may hate it and think wow her writing is awful etc etc. I think you guys get the picture.

So with authors like Stephanie Meyer who wrote down something as simple as a dream she had and unraveled what were to happen if she carried on being asleep led her to become a multi-millionaire that it got me thinking that if I wrote all my dreams down just like everyone seems to be doing I would probably be a millionaire too by now. As my sister always makes fun of me because I have really really vivid dreams, there like mini films that if I wrote them down I could have a script written within a few months. It just seems to me that there’s so much in life that you can do to make yourself stand out from the crowd! I think it’s also strange how we are all our own person, all with opinions of our own engraved into our heads. There is so much contradiction and debates with people having their own opinion, in fact some people stop being friend with each other because one another gave her opinion on something. I bet if I had a huge response rate of comments instead of stars. People may argue over, ‘How rubbish Stephanie Meyer’s writing was’ Or ‘Argue that the whole Twilight Saga was amazing but the films didn’t live up to the standard.’Β Sometimes bad critics are also good critics, if I read a bad review I like to try out the experience for myself to see if they were right or wrong….

Happy reading, dreaming and living


Rosa X


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