Maybe I shouldn’t be too honest but…

Ok so it’s pretty safe to say that in the last 2 months or so I have put in a lot of effort and time with blogging, although the summer holidays allows me to do this. My real motivation and determination for this summer is because I’m crazy about a boy and I need to move on from a scenario in my head waiting to be brought to life. Hence keeping my mind busy and actually achieving something worth being proud of instead of keeping a tally on how many less tissues i’m using nowadays.

It’s like I wrote in my post If your going to be a negative, I have to use you as a positive!  I think that we can all agree on liking someone who doesn’t like you back has to be the worst feeling in the world… But I want to share with you guys that it’s not the end of the world! Believe me, I thought it was too but it gets to a point where you need to wake up and see the world for what it is. You have to remember there are over 7 BILLION people on this planet and you are bound to be compatible with someone else, someone that will also like you back too! So instead of moping let’s get out there and make things happen for ourselves… 


I deserve a happily ever after, we all do…


lifeisfunbeingme X



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