This week on lifeisfunbeingme…

Hey All,

This week has been so hectic for me that my brain has not had a single rest…

Thank God it’s Saturday tomorrow!!

So all this week I have been at placement and thrown myself in at the deep end 100%, I have learnt many valuable lessons and more about what goes on in the world of publishing! On Wednesday I went to a VIP pop up shop where I met  Lydia Bright from Towie in person and even got to talk to her. I still cannot believe my luck, I am so proud of myself with how much I have achieved so far this summer in terms of academic and building my portfolio. On the downside I am slightly annoyed at not keeping up or trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym. I even paid for the damn membership for a whole month and have managed to go for about a week in total. There really is not enough hours in the day! 

At home I’ve been super busy and have had to go and do the food shopping on top of that as well. So I’ve been exhausted well have felt exhausted every single day this week and have not had the time to blog  as much as I would like to. So I have been writing bursts of inspiration and writing it down into my drafts. It a bit of a joke now as I have 20 unwritten posts to work on. On the upside if I’m bored I have loads to be getting on with BUT on the downside I have lots to do. So I think i’m going to try and spend the majority of the daytime writing them but I’m not sure if I will be able to achieve this as it’s the annual harbour festival and I may visit it in the day time too, but don’t worry I will more than likely be writing about it and will try to capture as much as I can. In the evening I’m then going clubbing, I have missed clubbing not had a crazy weekend in a while! I am so excited EEEEKKKK!!  Have a good weekend all!!! 


Rosa X


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