I contradicted myself…

After going on about how I don’t understand fan and fandom I find myself succumbing to the pressure of babbling around a celebrity…

It got my thinking that wherever there is a passion/like we will always be a fan of that subject. For example when someone messages me and says, ‘I love your writing!’ That gives me  such a boost and is such a good feeling to know that someone likes what I write and is a small fan of me.

What I have always found strange  between a Celebrity – Audience relationship is how you can know someone without them knowing who you are! Thanks to my work placement I was able to go to a VIP Bloggers event where I met Lydia Bright from TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) It was amazing to meet a person off TV in real life. I see her in a TV frame and for her to be sat in front of me during my 5 minutes where I could actually talk to her was so surreal.

I was so nervous that I didn’t even know what to say to her. I was slightly frustrated at myself as I can use the power of writing to produce a moment that was amazing. Although due to me being constantly anxious and suffering from panic attacks lately I sort of blew the chance of when I spoke to her urgh honestly if someone was to have videoed or seen when I was talking to her you would of laughed:( I must remember though that she too is human and could have been nervous herself.

Back to the point of this post…

The event consisted of Lydia Bright & Georgia Bright hosting a pop up shop of their boutique Bella Sorella (which translated in Italian means beautiful sisters, I would know I’m Italian myself:)) and being able to shop around for some stunning dresses followed by complementary wine, a chance to meet Lydia herself and to even take a picture like I did below 🙂

She is such a lovely person and I love her vintage style she wears it perfectly:)

lydia bright



Yummy wine 🙂

Do check out her Boutique online at http://www.bellasorella.co.uk/ & do follow the 2 sisters on Twitter too…




For all you bloggers that use Blogspot.com she has her own fashion blog where she blogs daily outfits. You can subscribe at http://lydiarosebright.blogspot.co.uk/ 🙂

A massive thanks is owed to the PR of Cabot Circus Bristol for organising this event…

For more information do follow them on Twitter @…


Or follow them on WordPress



https://twitter.com/HN_Bristol provided gorgeous goody bags as seen below…


Last but not least here is a YouTube link of the day…


Next payday a purchase will be made at Bella Sorella!! Yay!! 🙂





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