Just what I need…

Hey Guys

I’m sorry for my blog lacking in regular updates but I have been at my placement all week and I am simply exhausted as I’m not used to the 9-5 routine! Do check out my work experience blog to see what I have been to… http://myworkexperiencediary.wordpress.com/ On top of that my laptop has decided to break and I can’t access anything on there 😦 The screen is just blank!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh why?! Just why?!

I am really stressing because I haven’t done a regular back up in ages so I don’t know how updated all my files are:(  At the moment I have lost my photography projects, my pictures from the last 7 years!! Even my Blog post word document full of ideas ready to be made into posts 😦 

This is just what I need 😦

So I will be writing from my phone & my sisters computer until its fixed, fingers crossed I don’t lose anything, I should find out Monday! 

I need to invest into Google Drive & Save my ideas in a draft blog post… lesson is learned BACK EVERYTHING!! 





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