Hey Guys,

I’ve decided to add the category This Month where every month I will post why I am looking forward to it! I cannot believe it’s already AUGUST!! I have so much to do & time is definetely starting to get ahead of me. The beginning of every month I always see as a new start a chance to improve:)

So this month I am super excited to start using my gym membership to its fullest as I don’t think I’m going to be at placement much so I could be going to the gym not once a day but even twice a day EEEKKK!!! I’m sure by the end of this month I shall be feeling much happier with the way I look.

By going to the gym, I think, no I don’t think, I know I have to take myself seriously a bit more because if I don’t no one will! This starts with taking care of my health, it’s time I stop breaking my healthy diet once a week and start having an off day once every 2 months. I need to start being a bit more firm with my friends when they want to go out to eat and say, ‘Aww, one won’t hurt you.’ It won’t hurt you but it will hurt me diabetes is like having to be on a diet for the rest of your life, so it’s time I use some of my positivity for me and encourage myself that I can do it because I have been breaking every rule there is! Eating loads of chocolate, loads of carbs, alcohol way too often than I should & not measuring my sugars as often as I should as sometimes I really can’t be bothered!!

I’m also getting my bond back from my student house, Finally! It’s taken forever to get this sorted!!

At the end of the month, 30th August to be precise is my saint day, in Italy it’s tradition to celebrate your name so I’m probably going to be celebrating it by going out for a meal with my family:)

I’m also going to be getting feedback about how good my writing is from one of the main editors at my placement, ohhhh fingers crossed I’m good πŸ™‚

The best thing this month Β that I’m looking forward to is holiday shopping as next month I’m going to Magaluf with my girls Eeeekkk!!!! Yayy…. I’m so excited I need to buy costumes, sandals, summery dresses awww it going to be amazing!!!

Comment below what you guys are up to this month as well πŸ™‚





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