I need to make a list…

It’s getting to that stage where I’m starting to freak out so I need to write everything down and make a list…

This will probably sound so sad but I have a notebook full of lists for different categories, anyway I’m stressed because I didn’t think August would have come so fast, knowing that I have achieved hardly anything! Sure I’ve written pretty much every day on my blog updating you guys with thoughts lounging around in my head but I sure say a lot and not do much right?! What else have I actually done in terms of doing a good deed, bettering myself and doing all the things on my LIST for this summer which I have lost…

I actually need a PA… (Don’t we all)

Lists I need to make…

Things I need to buy for Uni

Things to buy for holiday



University list 

Blogging list 

Oh I’m such a Nerd!!!  LifeISfunbeingme! 




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